Revival's SUPER SOFT St. Patrick's Day

Some may say it's gonna be bit balmy for March, but whats I appreciates about you, is your not gonna let that ruin your day.

This SUPER SOFT St. Patrick's day is gonna be one hell of a barn burner with all the fix-ins!

STINKEYE CONTEST: with super soft prizes.
COSTUME CONTEST: best-dressed HICKS, SKIDS, HOCKEY PLAYERS & CHRISTIANS. With super soft prizes.

Old school skids are deejaying, and the hockey team will be handling security. Pitter Patty (our events mascot) will be crushing it on the dance floor.

Food specials include sandwiches from Sammy Sammich's (not really, they're from our kitchen). Ton's of shooter specials including dirty f*cking dangles boys!, as well as $4 Molsen Dry & PBR.

Let's make this super soft St. Patrick's Day a St. Perfect Day!!!