#DTDW2019 Downtown Dining Week YEG

#DTDW2019 has been amazing! We are so honoured to have so many new guests join us and enjoy our delicious food! Our kitchen can only accommodate 50 guests over lunch hour (12pm-1pm). In order to ensure you receive an excellent lunch hour we urge you to make a reservation. Our reservations are filling up quickly for the last two Dining Week Lunch’s (Thursday & Friday) so book soon! 
We would like to apologize to any guest that didn’t have the greatest experience this lunch hour, and to those of you that were late returning to work this afternoon. Please contact us, we’d like to make things right!

DTDW Lunch is served 11am until 5pm Monday thru Friday
DTDW Dinner is served 5pm until sell out (reservations have priority) Monday thru Sunday
DTDW Brunch is served 11am until 3pm Saturday & Sunday