An Evening of Evidence, History & Spirts

Ever wonder about the history of the Starlite Room?  I sure did! Once my husband and I moved into to our building I started noticing strange happenings, sounds and light activities. Although I have always heard rumours and rumblings about old buildings like ours being haunted,  I have not explored the origins of these stories.

Friday, August 31st, award-winning paranormal investigator and instructor Morgan Knudsen (Entityseeker, Discovery Channel's A Haunting, Fireside Ghost Experience, CBC) presents Creating the Paranormal: An Evening of Evidence, History, & Spirits. 

This evening gala is all about separating reality from fantasy in the paranormal field. Tickets include dinner, we are serving a delicious melody of smoked pulled pork, homemade cornbread, dirty rice, slaw and salad, followed by desert after the presentation. 

Join us for an immersive evening into paranormal research, explore real cases, hear about encounters in the Starlite Room itself, and learn how we influence the environment around us. 

This evening is all about perception and the journey to understanding where our mind ends and reality begins... or does it?

Dinner will be served in River City Revival House between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, the presentation starts at 8:00pm upstairs in Temple bar, followed by desert in Revival.