A year in review...

Well Folks, it's been a year since my husband and I joined the ownership team of the Starlite Room! At this time I want to address some of the poor reviews we have received, both prior to our ownership as well as during, and let our patrons know the things we have improved on and the things we are working on. I also want to open the floor to any reviewer who in the past has left reviews like "no good beer" or "service sucked" to leave more constructive criticism, such as why the service sucked, or what type of beers they would like to see us carry. There is only room for improvement!


In 2004 the original liquor licence for the Starlite Room was revoked.  The Starlite Room was able to reopen and serve alcohol as a "Members Only' establishment that same year. This is posted on our website, ConcertWorks website, and on any purchase/ticket link.

We wish we could operate without a Members Only Licence, but we cannot. 

The previous ownership group sold membership cards for $5, they were good for one person plus one guest and valid for one year from the time of purchase. We noticed the majority of our patrons, who understood our licensing, were frustrated that these business card size memberships weren't tracked, meaning, if you lost it you need to buy a new one.  Again, because we cannot operate without a membership, we felt we can at least make the process much more manageable, thus the creation of our membership app.

You can download our app onto any smart phone, and purchase your Membership on the app or, you can still buy it in person prior to entering the show. Memberships are still $5, good for yourself plus one guest, valid for one year... but! We can track it with your email address!

We donate a portion of the proceeds to local charities such as, SACE, CJSR, the Boys & Girls Club, SPCA, etc.
Find out more here!...

Our members only licence is only in effect with in Starlite Room shows (main hall), Temple shows and River City Revival House operate on separate liquor licences.


We upgraded our sound system in August of 2017. Lighting was upgraded shortly after too!


Tickled pink! It took us a bit of time, but I think we have a real handle on it! 

Now when you attend shows in the winter months you can comfortably check your coat and hold a cold beer without the fear of it freezing to your hand!

As for the summer months, we now have air flow and working AC! No more stifling heat and humidity! 

The Renovation and Addition to

In January of 2018 we began the renovation and addition of the stage in Temple Bar. This area of our building fits 200 people, and welcomes the smaller more intimate shows.  We will be adding a concession stand in this area in the future as well.


We currently offer popcorn, and on occasion pizza by the slice. We are building a concession stand.  With River City Revival House just downstairs we do offer some food discounts with proof of ticket purchase and offer special catering menus for some events, parties and VIP's.


We are PLASTIC STRAW FREE!!! We carry biodegradable paper straws, but you will need to ask your server or bartender for one when you place your order.
We serve alcohol free beer, Red Bull, mocktails and kombucha, and offer free or discounted soda pops for designated drivers and pregnant women.
Starlite Room, Temple Bar and the River City Revival House all operate on separate liquor licences. Due to this we are unable to let our patrons bring their drinks from downstairs upstairs to a show or vise versa.  

At the Starlite Room we are almost exclusively a glass free atmosphere.  This is mostly due to the sometimes crowded and rowdy nature of our shows, and the safety of our patrons, artists and employees.  

We do not have draft beer. The size of our building, and the location of our refrigeration makes it extremely difficult to run draft lines to the main hall, and because Starlite is only open on a per-show basis we've found kegs in a kegerator (portable draft system) sometimes sit between shows for too long, causing the beer to go skunky. 

We do sell craft and local beer. There are over 100 local/craft beer breweries and micro breweries in Alberta.  Most of these breweries only sell draft beer, or glass packaged products, this makes it difficult for us to bring in all brands. We do our best to have a variety of beers, we may not carry every brand or local brew, but we almost always carry a beer of every style (ie. IPA's, ISA's, Stout's, Porter's, Lager's, Pilsner's etc.). 

We do sell wine. We do not have a wide variety, and it comes in a can, but we do serve wine.

We do sell cocktails.  We have a wide variety of liquors and an extremely knowledgable staff. Although we do not have a specialty cocktail list, we can make almost any traditional cocktail, it just won't be served in the appropriate martini or cocktail glass, or with the traditional garnishes.

Drink Prices and Specials. Our drinks are priced between $4 and $9. Our $9 drinks are typically Tall Canned products, and our wine (which is 2 servings). Where as our $4 drinks are reserved for our specials.  We have drink specials every night we're open, even if this is just a shooter special or a Lucky Lager.


The Starlite Room's main bathrooms are terribly out dated, damaged and in need of some real love. Due to our current show schedule, and the time it will take to renovate these restrooms, we will not be able to begin renovations until December 2018/January 2019.

The cleanliness of our bathrooms are extremely important to us. Our staff, management and partners check the supplies and cleanliness of our bathrooms through out each night. Due to the volume of use and regular issues that may come up when alcohol is involved, sometimes things are missed.  If something is out of stock, or the bathroom is extremely messy, we sincerely apologies, and ask if you could please let any employee in the building know so we can address it immediately.


The Starlite Room is cash only. We have ATM's located through out our building.


We always have our door times posted, and do our best to have our shows times posted on our app, our websites, and our ticketing website.  Posting show times isn't always possible.  If the show time is posted, this is usually the opening acts start time. We cannot always guarantee the show will start at the time posted.  This is due to the nature of our business, for example, if a band is touring and driving in from Vancouver and their vehicle breaks down, sound check might run late, thus pushing set times back.  This occurrence isn't typical, but it does happen.  If you call or email the venue for set times we will only be able to provide an approximation. 

We have been trying to manage and mainstream our line ups.  We ask that you have your tickets and membership open on your phone with your brightness turned up and your valid, government issued photo ID ready.  Purchasing your membership in advance and tickets in advance also speeds things up. 

When possible we do try and open a second point of entrance to help speed things up. With the addition of River City Revival House concert goers are now able to sit inside prior to doors and enjoy a bite to eat and a drink before the show.


Seating is limited. We are general admission for most shows. If you have special needs please contact us in advance so we can insure you will be comfortable through out the show.

Our building was once home to the Edmonton Citadel Theatre. This means our floor slants as if you were in a theatre... but unfortunately the wrong way :( Our floor is a first come, first spot (general admission style), standing room only. If you don't enjoy crowds, do not like walking through crowds to get to the front of the stage, this floor isn't for you.  We have plenty of fantastic raise spots to enjoy the show from, and anyone of our friendly staff would be more the happy to help you find a place to watch from. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this response! If you have any questions or concerns, or feel I need to clarify any point please contact me:

Thank you,
Andrea Kotylak



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