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Cheshire Production presents..... Cheshire Music!!! Super stoked on this event. Not only is Shaun Clifford a beauty of a human and an extremely talented musician but he also has the same name as we do!! So come get funked up with us March 21.
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Cheshire has always found his solace in producing funky electronic music.

With over ten releases in the past 3 years, Cheshire has made a remarkable impact on the electronic bass music scene. His style mixes live elements of Funk and soul along with tight synthesized bassline and drum production.

Starting with dubstep in 2008 he released the number one selling E.P. "Punk" with "Excisions" Rottun Records, gaining a broad recognition within the genre. However in 2013 after a 3 year hiatus Cheshire stunned the glitch hop scene with his release “The Funk’d Up EP” catapulting to number one on the Beatport charts, holding the top position for over a month.

Since then he has followed this up with 2 albums and many more chart topping releases gaining a reputation for packing dance floors and filling sound systems with his funk infused Latin laced rhythms.

This lifelong passion has also developed in his live shows where a usual Cheshire set consists of live sax along with the expected turntablist mixes and scratching.

Now working with Westwood Recordings Cheshire has recently released his third album and is quickly becoming a common name in the mid-tempo music scene.

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Scott Putnam's Birthday Bash!!!
to Mar 9

Scott Putnam's Birthday Bash!!!

Come celebrate the birth Cheshire Productions very own Scott Putnam! As we party our faces off for his birthday jam with an incredibly stacked lineup of local live musicians! We will be going through a plethora of genres from Reggae, Folk, Stoke Folk, Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock and Roll, Drum and Bass, House Music, Hip Hop and much more!! The event is mostly an open jam featuring some of YEG's most talented artists!!! So feel bring what ever type of instrument you want and lets jam the F*CK out!!! We will also have some decks at the venue so bring a USB just incase!! #ComeJamWithUs

FREE Event ### River City Revival House ### FREE Popcorn!!

OPEN JAM Featuring...
:-: Rotten Dan from Boogie Patrol :-: (Harmonica / Vocals)
:-: Justin Perkins :-: (Guitar / Vocals)
:-: Lanny B :-: (Vocals / Guitar / Looping)
:-: Honeydripper :-: (House / Bass Guitar)
:-: Jarret Grey :-: (Fiddle)
:-: Sam Toms :-: (Saxophone)
:-: Nicky Dubs :-: (Drums / Vocals / Drum and Bass)

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SHAGUAR release party!
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SHAGUAR release party!

Cheshire Productions presents..... SHAGUAR!! These guys really know how to move a dance floor!! If you are a fan of Progressive Surf Rock & Hybrid Rockabilly with a tinge of twang and a pinch of punk! You are in a for a treat!!! This is also a FREE event hosted at our home away from home River City Revival House!!
Mickey Mau: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Aka ‘The Disaster with a Stratocaster’: Legend has it that he once parked in a tow away zone only to come back later to find that the entire neighbourhood was gone. That is when fate led him to the Shag-lair, the only place still in place. Overhearing Uncle Foo!’s ripping guitar emanating from the Shag-lair resulted in the fateful reunification with his long lost younger fraternal twin reverb brother. Mickey’s interests are varied with his pride and joy; a large archive of audio transcriptions of Marcel Marceau. He’s no slouch when it comes to button-hole collecting, a sought out expert who is world renown for his acumen in spotting attractive holes.
Uncle Foo!: Rhythm/Lead Guitar /Backing Vocals.
Foo was raised in the middle of nowhere - in the back of an auto shop. Everyone's favourite bad uncle has been yellin and bangin on his Country Gentleman Git-Tar for as long as anyone can remember. A blues hound from way back, Foo always had a soft spot for anything that makes you wanna shake yer butt, be it country, funk, surf, and of course Rockabilly! So watch out for this cat, his skin may be weathered, but his soul is young and just itchen to add some "twang to that thang".
Ms. Lily: Vocals.
Who do you get when you cross Betty Boop with Alfred E Neuman and top it off with a little Dame Edna? That’s right, Ms. Lily! She found her love of hard hitting surf rock and rock-a-billy riding crests and waves in the wheat field flanked silos of the damned - aka Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She was an enigma to her fellow Moosejavins who, truth be told, were scared witless by her over the top persona. So Ms. Lily decided to rise up from Al Capone’s tunnels, head to the big city and bust out her perky pipes and sultry sweet moves for the masses. Finding the Shaguarians was a stroke of luck and has given her a reason to lay down her tight sweaters here in Edmonton. Trash, Crass, and Class all wrapped up in one short, deadly package of TNT.
Slim Jelly Hammond: Keyboards/Backing Vocals/Percussion.
Although alleging he was ‘born in the bayou’ Slim Jelly Hammond was actually born in a Westmount Duplex with 70s style yellow shag carpet (to be fair his spicy chicken wings are a Cajun masterpiece). His upbringing was humble, just like his personality, but when he sits down to play look out man. It all started with a playable toy piano, and a red Radio Flyer wagon to haul it around the neighborhood in. All the young ladies were enthralled and from that point Slim vowed to master his organ…and piano. Rhythm and Blues infuses his keyboard prowess adding a further dynamic to Shaguar’s rockabilly and surf sound. It’s never a roll of the dice because when Jelly plays it is a happening thing. There are posers and players, Hammond is the latter.
Dr. Rip Tide: Drums.
A mystery child found washed up on a Vancouver beach clutching a surfboard autographed by Elvis Presley. While potty training, his talent for drumming emerged; much to his adoptive parents’ chagrin. By the age of 10 he had mastered many a surf rock classic and although clearly a drum prodigy, his adoptive parents encouraged academic pursuits. Eventually Rip earned a double PhD in scatology and modern dance. Upon discovering you can polish a turd and it is still a turd, Dr. Tide left all that crap behind pursuing a career as a Pro Career Pursuer. This failed and he was adrift without a direction. His instincts lead him back to the drums and a gig as the “house” drummer for a waterpark. Sparky Vegas, who had a temp gig as a water-wing, was awed by Dr. Tide’s drumming tour de force. Discovering they had a lot in common, including the heart breaking fact they were children of the unknown, they joined forces forming a band called “The Bronze Pears”.
Sparky Vegas: Bass/Backing Vocals.
Considered feral upon capture at the age of six in the back alleys of Los Vegas makes Sparky’s ‘accomplishments’ all the more extraordinary. Initially speaking a strange form of gibberish, Sparky quickly began to adapt, at first learning to communicate through tap dancing and then show tunes. His bond with the electric guitar was immediate when placed in his sweaty little eleven year old hands. This and his propensity for carnival barking at random moments set him on an emerald path through the 80s and 90s culminating in Shaguarian bass playing bliss. “You can’t be at the top without a solid bottom” SV.

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to Feb 8


Heyoo!! Join us once again for another instalment of our Bi-Weekly Pop Up Parties hosted by our main man Poppa Squats!! We are headed to our favourite intimate venue River City Revival House! As always we have a STACKED local lineup and Pop Corn for your taste buds!!
:-: Phatcat :-:
:-: 40 oZ :-:
:-: Bona Petit :-:
:-: Poppa Squats :-:

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